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Intro-to-Golf Fundamentals - $179 (6 class series)

Intro-to-Golf Fundamentals is intended for the beginner or inexperienced golfer. This 6 class clinic series will introduce you to the basic fundamentals of the full-swing and short game. All Intro-to-Golf Clinics guarantee a maximum ratio of 1 instructor to 8 students. Classes are offered weekday afternoons and evenings as well as on weekends.

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Form Your Own Clinic - $179 (6 class series)

Sign up for a pre-scheduled Intro-to-Golf Clinic or you can form your own clinic at any day and time. All you need is three or more friends and you can contact us to schedule the following:

  • Days and times the classes will meet
  • Frequency of class - how often the class will be scheduled.
  • Class curriculum

To schedule your form your own Golf School call the Pro Shop at (503) 646-5166, or, Email us

The Intro-to-Golf Curriculum is as follows:

Class #1
Full Swing Fundamentals

Full Swing - G.A.T.E.
Grip, Addressing the Ball, Target & Equip
CORE Golf Swing & Impact

Class #2
Developing the Full Swing

Hinging the Wrists
Understanding the Swing Plane
Creating the Swing Plane

Class #3

Putting Fundamentals - G.A.T.E.
Creating a Pendulum Motion
Distance Control & Reading Greens

Class #4
Chipping & Pitching

Chipping & Pitching Fundamentals
Impact - Getting the Ball Airborne
Shot Selection - Chipping v. Pitching

Class #5
Advanced Full Swing

Weight Transfer
Lag Generation
Extending Through the Ball

Class #6

Woods Fundamentals - G.A.T.E.
Controlling the Woods

Women's Only Clinics and Golf Schools

RedTail offers Women's only Intro-to-Golf Clinics and Single Day Golf Schools. We are extremely fortunate to have two LPGA members on our Professional Teaching Staff at RedTail Golf Center. Cindy Lincoln and Paula Ketchum are two of the best golf professionals you will ever meet. Contact them directly to form you own class or sign-up for one of their pre-scheduled Intro-to-Golf or Single Day Women's Only Golf Schools today!