Custom Fitting

Custom Fitting Defined: "The right clubs for you and your game!"

What is Custom Fitting?

Custom fitting has been around on the professional golf tours for decades. Due to advancements in technology and manufacturing, however, it has now become more readily available to the general golfing public. As more and more golfers become aware of the concept, we think it is important to help our customers understand - What is Custom Fitting?

At RedTail, custom fitting is very simply defined as "determining the right clubs for you and your game." This definition is purposely broad. There are a tremendous number of factors and complexities that go into determining a properly fit set of golf clubs (lie angle, loft, length, set composition, shaft type, shaft flexes, grips, etc.). Ultimately, however, the entire process exists to make certain you end up with equipment that is best suited for your golf game. The singular purpose of custom fitting is to determine the clubs that are right for you.

It is of further importance to understand that custom fitting is not an exact science. Rather, it is an art form for which the result (your golf clubs) are only as good as the professional who performs the clubfitting. There are a tremendous number of variables to consider when performing a custom fitting. Understanding how to analyze the data as well as determining the final club specifications for a player is fully dependent upon the skill level, training, technology, and experience of the supposed expert performing the fitting.

At RedTail we pride ourselves on being true clubfitting experts. To this end, we take every client through a comprehensive player profile, pre-fitting, static fitting, dynamic fitting, set composition profile, personal distance spectrum, functional gap analysis and finally custom fitting wrap-up.

Most importantly we perform all of these functions with actual ball flight from tee-to-green. Not into a net that ends ten feet in front of you. (In our opinion, complete ball flight is an essential element to any proper fitting as it is the ball flight for which you are being fit.) Thus, at RedTail we pride ourselves on the resources, training, technology and overall commitment to effecting the premier custom fitting experience anywhere.

Please read through the RedTail Fitting Process to learn more about RedTail's commitment to custom fitting and "determining the right clubs for you and your game."