Custom Fitting

The Benefits - Why Get Custom Fit?

Men, women and juniors - beginners to PGA professionals: all golfers will experience immediate results, gain confidence and lower their scores with properly fit golf equipment. We guarantee it!

1. How do you know if you are purchasing the correct equipment?

There are so many variables involved in purchasing golf clubs these days. How does the average golfer know which golf clubs to buy? There are so many different vendors and a seemingly infinite number of club types. Then there is the club model, shaft make, shaft type (graphite or steel), shaft length, shaft flex, shaft weight, grip type, grip size, and set composition just to name a few of the important variables necessary to determine the clubs that are right for you. To make matters even more complex, you now have component heads and shafts that allow you to choose from an endless array of aftermarket shaft options and head settings. Driver, fairway and hybrid heads now have adjustments for loft, face angle, and weight distribution. How can anyone know if they are purchasing the right golf equipment with all of these options?

The clear answer is Custom Fitting at RedTail Golf Center. Let one of our RYG™ Certified Fitting Professionals demonstrate the enormous benefits that custom fitting will have on your game. Once you have experienced the difference of true custom fitting in our state-of-the-art Demo Center we guarantee you will never go anywhere else for your golf equipment.

2. It's FREE!

Whether you purchase a stock set of clubs "off-the-rack" or you are fit for a custom set built to your individual specifications, you will pay the same amount. Custom fit golf clubs do not cost more than "off-the-rack" clubs. Even better, at RedTail Golf Center we guarantee we will never be beat on price for anything we sell. We support our pricing policy with a 30 day guarantee. Thus, if you purchase a custom set of golf clubs from us and find it somewhere else less expensive up to 30 days after the date-of-purchase we will refund you the difference.

Note: RedTail charges a $200 fitting fee per club type if you only want your custom specifications and you do not purchase any clubs for which you were fit. If you purchase clubs from RedTail, however, there is no charge for the fitting. If you do not purchase the clubs at the time of your fitting, the Fitting Fee may be deducted from a future purchase within 30 days from the date of your fitting. The Fitting Fee(s) may only be deducted from the purchase of the club(s) for which you were fit in the original fitting session.

3. Custom Fitting is beneficial for all players (even beginners & recreational players).

Many beginning and/or recreational golfers believe that custom fitting is only beneficial to the more experienced or better players. This is absolutely wrong! Properly fit golf equipment will substantially benefit players of all ability levels. Properly fit equipment in terms of club model, shaft type, shaft length, shaft flex, set composition, and much more makes the game significantly easier. If you are playing with golf equipment that is too long, too stiff, or has too little loft, the game can be extremely frustrating. Moreover, you can develop serious swing flaws and bad habits from compensating for improperly fit equipment that will inhibit your learning process and game improvement. If you were going to purchase a $50 pair of shoes or a $30 pair of pants, what is the first thing you would do? You would try the item on and make sure it fits. Why wouldn't you apply this same concept when purchasing golf equipment? You need to "try-on" your golf equipment and get the assistance of a qualified professional to make sure it fits properly before you buy it.

Properly fit golf equipment cost the same as "off-the-rack" clubs, and it will substantially benefit all golfers no matter their age, experience, gender or ability level.