Trackman™ 4 Golf Swing & Ball Flight Analysis System

The TrackMan™ 4 Golf Swing & Ball Flight Analysis System has set a new standard for golf swing and ball flight measurement. Utilizing advanced Doppler radar in combination with HD video capture, the TrackMan™ 4 measures and records the exact 3-dimensional movements of the clubhead, shaft, player and ball flight for every shot. Trackman's™ unparalleled technology also provides precise data on launch angle, spin rate, clubhead speed, ball speed, club path, impact position, trajectory, exact distance and much more. At RedTail, we have constructed a state-of-the-art Learning Center featuring 14 individual Trackman™ teaching/clubfitting bays. Moreover, we have fully integrated the power of this innovative system into our custom fitting and golf instructional programs to provide you with the most comprehensive clubfitting and lesson experience anywhere. Visit us anytime to practice in one of our private Trackman™ hitting bays, or if it's more convenient, make an appointment (none needed) for a custom fitting session or private lesson with one of our RYG™ Certified Professionals.

Trackman™ TPS (Trackman Performance Studio)Trackman™ has integrated HD video capture with their current golf swing and ball flight analysis technology. This combination has empowered our staff of RYG™ Certified Professionals to provide the most comprehensive and in-depth clubfittings and lessons anywhere. Through the TPS software your club path, trajectory, face angle and ball flight info are merged with real-time video allowing us to view your actual golf swing and corresponding empirical data simultaneously. Make an appointment with one of our RYG™ Pros to experience, first hand, the power of the TPS Software.

Trackman™ Driver Fitting: Allow our staff of RYG™ Certified Professionals to perform the most extensive and thorough driver fitting experience you could imagine. The Trackman™ 4 system will chart every shot from each driver that you hit during your custom fitting experience. Coupled with literally thousands of drivers combinations from our Legendary Clubfitting & Golf Club Demonstration Center, we will fit you for a driver that significantly improves your tee shot and enhances your enjoyment of the game. We guarantee it!

Trackman™ Set Composition Profile and Personal Distance Spectrum: Experience the power of the Trackman™ 4 Ball Flight Analysis System as it identifies the exact distance you hit each club in your bag. These distances will be accurate to within 1 foot for every 100 yards of carry distance. In conjunction with RedTail's set composition profile and functional gap analysis the PDS report will allow you to clearly establish the exact distance you hit each club as well as identify any gaps or weaknesses in your current set make-up.

Trackman™ Combine: Trackman™ Combine is a standardized player ability test that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your golf game. The test consists of exactly 60 shots hit to varying targets and distances. The accuracy of each shot is scored on a scale of 0-100. After completing the Combine your final results are entered into a database of thousands of other players to see how your game compares to golfers of all ability levels. Our staff of RYG™ Certified Professionals can then evaluate your results to develop a Personal Lesson Plan (PLP) focused on the areas of your game that need improvement. Come visit us today to go through a Trackman™ Combine session, and you will be amazed at how we can lower your scores and enhance your enjoyment of the game.

Trackman™ Master: Trackman™ has created a continuing education program designed to identify the Industry Leaders is Golf Instruction and Custom Fitting. The highest level of achievement for this program is entitled Trackman™ Master. Every RYG™ Certified Professional at RedTail is charged with obtaining Trackman™ Master status. RedTail was the charter facility member of the Trackman™ University and the Trackman™ Master Program.