Practice Range

The RedTail Driving Range

RedTail's driving range has 78 individual tee stations. It is a two-tiered practice range with 40 hitting stalls on the upper concourse and 38 on the lower level. All hitting stations are fully covered for year-round practice and protection from the elements. Twenty (20) stations are heated to keep you warm during the colder months (It's always 70 degrees and sunny under the covered and heated driving range at RedTail). Our landing area extends to more than 350 yards so you can practice every club in your bag, and we have constructed nine (9) different target greens to help you sharpen your distance control and accuracy. Each tee station has a map of the landing area inclusive of the exact distances to each target green laser sighted for precision.

On the lower level of the driving range, we have constructed our state-of-the-art Learning Center which includes 14 private hitting bays all featuring the Trackman™ Golf Swing and Ball Flight Analysis System. This advanced teaching and practice facility is available to the public for general use. We invite you to test your skills by performing a Trackman™ Combine, or record the precise trajectory and distance of every shot during a comprehensive practice session. Experience the difference of practice utilizing the Trackman™ system and we guarantee you will Raise Your Game™!

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