Robert Randall

Robert Randall

PGA Class A Member
RYG™ Certified Teaching Professional

I was born in Cape Canaveral, Florida where I developed a love for the game at a young age wanting to go out and hit balls with my Dad. The real beginning of taking golf even more seriously, however, happened when I went my first summer golf camp in Key West. From that point on, golf became my life. I wanted to know everything; how to swing, what the rules are, how to improve certain areas of my game and what caused the golf ball to do certain things. I just fell in love with this great game that summer, and I could not get enough.

I began teaching golf at the early age of 15 years old, ironically at that same summer camp in Key West. I played high school golf for all four years, and after graduating I worked at my home course as a full-time employee while I went to college as a full-time student as well. Ultimately, I became the Head Instructor at my home course in Key West, and once I completed my Bachelor’s degree in executive management I continued my education through the P.G.A. program. I continually strive to better myself and gain more knowledge about this incredible game. To that end, I completed my PGA program in 2017, and I am now a Class A PGA professional.

One of my fondest memories and greatest accomplishment to-date in my golf career was being a coach at Key West High School where we grew the program from just 6 players to over 42 in just a few short years. In 2017, we had the first ever full 14 player team in school history. That same year hurricane Irma hit Key West, and we had a abbreviated one-month season with only two matches but both teams, boys and girls, finished second in districts and third in the state regional tournament. I will always remember the Key West team, but I’m ready to forge a new path here at RedTail Golf Center. I love to play this great game, but my true passion is helping people get better and seeing them reach their goals relative to golf. I have traveled (literally) all the way across the country to pursue my passion for teaching golf, and I am excited to to see where this journey takes me.

My teaching philosophy focuses on all aspects of the game, but I am a huge advocate for the mental side of golf. If you can’t get your mind in the right place you’re never going to get the ball there. I also emphasize knowledge and understanding your golf swing and why the ball does certain things. I want my students to be able to help themselves and adjust to the changing situations on the golf course. Whether it is being able to adjust to different greens or turf conditions when playing a new golf course for the first time, or being able to self-correct when you are having a challenging day on the course. I want my students to be able to fully understand their golf swing, and what they need to do to help them shoot lower scores even during an “OFF” day. It is also important to always remember that If you’re not having fun, you’re playing the game wrong.

I have moved completely across the country to work for RedTail because I believe it is the facility that will help me to become the best teacher I can be and ultimately reach my goal of becoming a top 100 teacher. I am also currently pursuing becoming TPI certified, Trackman Master, as well as achieving the master professional classification with the P.G.A. RedTail has taken me to the next level as a teaching professional with the technology, commitment and resources we have available. From the player profile to the G.O.L.FTM Program, the teaching triangle and everything else RedTail has is the place “raise your gameTM”.

Being new to the Portland area I look forward to exploring the area that is drastically different from my home state of Florida. I love being active from longboarding, to hiking in the mountains (very excited about Mt. Hood) and everything in between. I love all that Oregon has to offer. Some other hobbies of mine include collecting baseball cards and comic books (I am a very big collector). I also have a beautiful daughter that I have moved cross country for in the hopes of improving her life and mine as we head into this great adventure. I have dedicated my life to golf, and I plan on being the best instructor I can be.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and hope to see you soon.