Read Eubanks PGA

Read Eubanks

PGA Class A Member
RYG™ Certified Teaching Professional

My passion for golf began at an early age in Colorado Springs, CO when my mother signed me up for my very first lesson. My excitement for golf grew quickly, and I have been involved in playing, practicing and now working in golf for essentially my entire life. I absolutely love this wonderful game, and my commitment and passion for golf inspired me to become a PGA Professional and make golf my career.

During my time in the golf industry I have been fortunate to experience many different positions and facilities around the country. From the very beginning, however, I knew teaching golf and helping others to get better and enjoy this amazing game what my true passion. To that end, have dedicated myself to becoming the best instructor I can be, and I am deeply committed to learning as much as possible about the golf swing and biomechanics of golf. As I mentioned above, I am a Class A PGA Professional, but I am also a NASM certified personal trainer and a level one TPI certified professional.

My philosophy of teaching is founded on building a golf swing that is repeatable, efficient and athletic. I work very hard to create an effective and engaging learning environment that provides a great opportunity for success, and I focus on customizing my approach to each individual student. I want to maximize each player’s strengths, and work within their abilities to create the best possible golf swing and approach to the game. I strive to enhance my student's confidence by helping them gain a deeper understanding of the mechanics of the swing and how to play the game. There is an emphasis on the short game where I use special drills and practice routines to help my students lower their scores and create measurable results. Finally, I place a strong emphasis on making sure each of my students equipment is properly fit for their game. The right equipment has a significant impact on developing a swing that produces results, prevents injury and lowers scores. As an instructor, I never want to lose sight that this is a game, and it is my ultimate goal to make sure you have fun!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, I hope you will come to RedTail and give me the opportunity to show you what I can do to improve your swing and enhancement your enjoyment of the amazing game! I truly believe the technology, resources, instruction and club fitting at RedTail Golf Center is second to none.

When I am not teaching golf on the lesson tee or out on the course, I love going to the gym, hiking the beautiful trails of the Great Northwest with my dog, exploring city life and trying new foods.

I hope to see you soon.