Matt Bryda

Matt Bryda

RYG™ Certified Teaching Professional

Growing up, my family instilled a great passion for staying active and developing a positive character through sports. My grandfather was a signature away from playing in the NFL, my dad was an avid fan and my mom was a competitive tennis player. You might say sports are in my genes, but I was never pressured to play by my family. I participated and ultimately fell in love with golf because I truly enjoyed the hard-work , the competition, and the drive to always get better. To this end, I started playing tournaments at a very young age, and I was fortunate enough to reach the highest level of junior competitive golf. It was during this time where my passion and love for the game of golf was born, and I knew golf was going to be a big part of my life.

As I was playing golf growing-up and my skill level was increasing so was my curiosity about the game. I wanted to understand how the golf swing really worked, and what I needed to do to improve. As such, I began training to become a Certified Teachning Professional, and I spent many years traveling the country to learn from some of golf’s most renowned instructors. Most recently, I worked closely with Golf Magazine’s Top 100 instructor Brian Manzella and the New York Metropolitan Section Teacher of the Year Michael Jacobs.

My teaching philosophy allows my students to gain a more in depth understanding of the golf swing. I make golf simple by associating swing dynamics with every day activities and movements from other sports. I strive to successfully improve my students in all areas of their golf games while creating a positive learning environment. My biggest strength is my ability to get people to play better golf in a fun, relaxed environment where they feel comfortable to explore opportunities and reach their individual goals. I integrate the latest in golf instructional technology and advanced practices with my own unique teaching style to provide a clear pathway to improvement.

I further believe in enhancing each student’s awareness of their golf swing by explaining, demonstrating and designing drills that match their experience level. I also like to place an emphasis on equipment. Having the “right” clubs is an important part of playing better golf In summary, I believe increasing a person’s knowledge and curiosity about golf is the best way to motivate and achieve real, tangible results towards long term improvement.

I have experienced many golf facilities during my career in golf, and I feel extremely fortunate to call RedTail my home. I have never seen a greater passion and commitment to provide the highest level of golf instruction and custom club fitting for their customer anywhere in the country. RedTail offers a unique advantage to Portlanders because of their unmatched investment in the best technology, service and most importantly people. Everyone at RedTail is overly dedicated to delivering the best golf products and services available to all golfers.

I have such a passion for golf that even in my off-time I enjoy studying and collaborating with my peers on the latest techniques and issues related to golf instruction and getting my students better. I am also very blessed to have a beautiful daughter who I love taking to the beach and the beautiful mountains that surround the Portland area.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and I hope to see you soon!