James Dunham

James Dunham

PGA Class A Member
RYG™ Certified Fitting Professional
RYG™ Certified Teaching Professional

Born in Corvallis Oregon, and the son of a soldier, I traveled to and lived all over the world. While living in Murfreesboro Tennessee, my father introduced me to the game of golf. From that day on I have been hooked on this great game! Growing up and as a young adult the game of golf was just a fun recreational activity. After High School, I attended Portland State University majoring in business and later attended business school obtaining my AA degree in Accounting. During this time Golf became more than just a fun activity, I started taking lessons, improving my game and eventually started to compete in tournaments. In 1997 my passion of golf and my education merged when I began my career in golf, and entered the PGA program. I am currently a Class A PGA professional, and I have had the good fortune to work in virtually all aspects of the golf business.

As a certified fitting professional my fitting philosophy is to help you (the customer) become a better golfer by providing you with properly fit golf equipment that will be best for your game. Over the last fifteen years I have had the opportunity and privilege to learn from some very talented individuals. My goal as a fitter is to pass this knowledge and experience on to you. During the fitting process I will guide you through a step-by-step process to improving your game. We will focus on the golf swing/equipment relationship, making you a more confident and a better golfer as we complete a comprehensive review of your game and club fitting. The RedTail fitting experience is second to none. I hope you will allow me to take you through our process, and I guarantee I will make you a better golfer as well as enhance your enjoyment of the game.

As a PGA golf professional my teaching philosophy is to give you (the golfer) the tools necessary to succeed in the game of golf. I want to guide you through the golf swing to find your strengths and improve any weaknesses you may have. I want to get you into the proper posture and best positions that allow you to achieve all of your golfing goals. Along with achieving your swing goals, we will also work to improve the mental part of your game. I focus on my students gaining confidence while never losing sight of just having fun! After all - this is just a game. The more fun you have the more enjoyable it will be.

I have lived in the Portland area for over thirty years and have been in the golf industry for over fifteen years. Over this time the fitting process has evolved and become very extensive. I came to RedTail Golf Center because we offer the absolute best fitting experience of anywhere I have ever seen. I am very passionate about the game of golf and helping my students get better. I want to see you succeed!

When I am away from work, I enjoy spending time with my wife Teresa my three boys, or should I say you men Austin, Josh and Andrew. They all keep me moving, whether going to the beach, for a day or weekend trip, or one of their many sporting events (baseball, golf, hockey or swimming). And yes I still like to compete in golf tournaments as well.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, and I hope to see you soon.