Eric Loechle

RYG™ Certified Teaching Professional
RYG™ Certified Fitting Professional

Golf is the greatest game in the world, and helping others to enjoy this game more provides me with tremendous joy and satisfaction. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio (Go Reds!), and I graduated with honors from Xavier University in 1994 with my B.A. in philosophy. After college I worked for more than a decade as a Telecom Engineer for several major technology and telecommunication companies. I have always excelled at both my studies and my professional career, but I did not have a passion for my work. As such, in 2005 I decided to enroll in the SDGA (San Diego Golf Academy) to pursue my true passion Golf. I graduated as Valedictorian of my class from the SDGA in 2007 with certifications in teaching and clubfitting. I had several opportunities after completing my degree from the SDGA, but my decision to come to RedTail was an easy one. I am thrilled to be a part of the teaching and clubfitting staff here at RedTail with the ability to help my students enjoy this great game more everyday!

My teaching philosophy focuses on creating an efficient and compact golf swing in a relaxed environment. I place a significant emphasis on staying "free" and "easy" throughout the golf swing, never forgetting that golf is a game intended to be FUN! I take my students and their desire to improve very seriously, but I also like to keep it fun. I believe that every golfer possesses the ability to make a good golf swing, and that there are many activities and movements we make/perform in our everyday lives that are very similar to those of a proper golf swing.

As such, I consider my role as an instructor to help my students "realize" the ability they already have. In addition to concentrating on the full-swing, I consistently integrate short game elements into my lessons. Seventy percent of all golf shots occur from 120 yards and closer to the green, and I believe our instruction and practice should reflect this reality. In my thinking one needs to strive for excellence in all areas of golf not just the full-swing. I want to produce tangible results for my students in the form of lower scores and more enjoyment of the game. To this end, I also believe properly fit golf equipment is essential for all players. I witness everyday, players with the wrong equipment who have created substantial swing flaws as a result of compensating for improper golf clubs.

The technology, resources, training, professionalism and support at RedTail Golf Center is second to none. Don't just take my word for it, however, allow me or one of our other Certified Professionals the opportunity to show you our custom fitting and instructional programs, and I guarantee you will be amazed at what we can do to improve your swing and enhance your enjoyment of the game.

There is a strong trend in golf towards personal fitness and health. I believe and follow this movement both for my students and for myself by running and exercising whenever time allows. When not on the course, I can be found down south at my home in Molalla with my Beautiful wife, Heather, and our family which includes her two children as well as my best friend and golden retriever – Divot.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and I hope to see you soon!