Devin Solar

Devin Solar

RYG™ Certified Teaching Professional

Sports and music have always been a big part of my life. Growing up just north of New York City my favorites were baseball, wrestling and jazz band. Golf was somewhat in the background until I played in my first golf tournament at the age of 12. The energy, excitement and competitiveness generated by this event were incredible, and it was in that moment that I truly fell in love with this wonderful game and all it has to offer.

I played golf at the highest level in High School where I was fortunate enough to be named to the New York Public High Schools Section 1 All State Golf Team (I was also recognized as a percussionist on the New York Public High School All State Band). There was nothing, however, that I enjoyed more that playing competitive golf. To this end, I decided to play golf collegiately at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, New York where I was named Captain during my sophomore year. I was also honored as a student-athlete member of the NCAA Advisory Committee, and our team qualified for the NCAA Division 3 National Championships that same year as well. My time at St. John’s Fisher was a tremendous growing and learning experience for me, but after my second year I decided I needed to place a greater emphasis on my studies. As such, I transferred to The State University of New York at Binghamton where I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Psychology. My playing experiences through high school and college along with my science degrees in have greatly influenced my continued passion for this game as well as the lens through which I perceive and teach golf.

Following graduation, I have been blessed to work at some of the most highly renowned golf courses in the country, including The Saint Andrew’s Golf Club in New York and Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club in Arizona. Throughout this time, I was fortunate enough to focus significant time and attention learning the art and science of teaching golf through two of the most highly respected instructors in the industry - Mike Malaska and Greg Bisconti. My educational, playing and work experiences have clearly shown me how much I love this game, as well as confirmed that my passion and purpose in golf lies in teaching. I specifically have interest in junior golf instruction and the award winning, nationally recognized junior golf program here at RedTail is what originally drew my interest to the facility. I am very honored to be involved as one of the Certified RYGTM instructors here at RedTail Golf Center.

In a game as complex and challenging as golf, my instruction philosophy is founded on inspiring creative thinking and open-mindedness. I placed great emphasis on influencing my student to be patient and understanding with themselves as they consistently make progress towards their goals. I believe the learning process is highly influenced by motivation and attention both during and in between practice sessions. As such, I work to continually reinforce the concepts I am communicating through repeatable and enjoyable drills, practice routines and games. The mental approach to becoming a better golfer and learning this game is critical. It is one of my core beliefs that my student’s awareness of their own habits and abilities is a crucial first step towards being able to impact positive changes. Once fully committed to learning, together we will create customized approach to improving your game that will focus on the technical aspects of your golf swing as well as the translation of these fundamentals to actually scoring better on the course. I highly value furthering education as a coach and am currently concluding my Professional Golf Management Associateship so that I may earn my standing as a PGA Class A member. I also work diligently to improve and further my knowledge with Trackman, Video Analysis, new teaching approaches and the biomechanics of the golf swing.

Although I am infatuated by the game of golf, I have many other passions that I pursue as well. I spend much of my free time playing the drums and greatly enjoy the unity cultivated when I can come together with other people to create music. Additionally, I love rock climbing/bouldering, backpacking/hiking, snowboarding/longboarding and yoga, all practices that challenge me as an individual to get deeply present in my own mind to learn about myself and the things I can become.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I look forward to meeting you soon, and I hope you will give me the opportunity to help you get better at golf and enhance your enjoyment of the game.