Custom Fitting Wrap-up

The final step of the RedTail Custom Fitting Process is a relaxed and informative wrap-up session with your RYG™ Certified Clubfitter. During this session we will walk you through the entire process and thoroughly explain your club specifications, set composition and other results from your fitting. In summary, the Custom Fitting Wrap-up step includes: a review of your Player Profile and Static Fitting reports, a shot-by-shot analysis of your dynamic fitting session, presentation of your set composition and functional gap analysis results, and a final, easy-to-understand summary of your order and custom fitting information. We will then clearly explain the timing and process for delivery of your custom ordered golf equipment. Finally, the Player Profile and Static Fitting reports are digitally stored so you can view them on-line through your very own MyRYG™ Locker (See below for more info on the MyRYG™ Locker).

We hope you will visit with one of our RYG™ Certified Fitting Professionals and experience the difference of true custom fitting. Allow us the opportunity and we guarantee you will be amazed at what we can do to lower your scores and enhance your enjoyment of the game. Why go anywhere else?

Call us today to schedule a fitting appointment at 503-646-5166 or email us.

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MyRYG™ Locker

The MyRYG™ Locker is your personal online portal into the RedTail experience. As a preferred customer of RedTail with exclusive access to the MyRYG™ Locker you can view and archive golf swings and lessons, enter and track scores from your latest rounds of golf, and/or evaluate your player profile. All of this can be done from any smartphone, tablet or computer as the MyRYG™ Locker is accessible from any internet connection.

We continue to expand and enhance the features and services available through the MyRYG™ Locker. Future additions will include:

  1. MyRYG™ Customer Loyalty program
  2. Online Lesson Sign-up
  3. Trackman™ Combine and Lesson Module
  4. Personal Distance Spectrum and Set Composition Analysis

And much more will be coming to the MyRYG™ Locker!

Call us @ (503) 646-5166 or email us to learn more.