Set Comp / Gap Analysis

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During this step of the RedTail Fitting Process we will evaluate your complete set composition and analyze the distance gaps between each of your clubs. USGA rules dictate that a golfer may carry a maximum of 14 clubs in his or her golf bag during a round of golf. How do you know which 14 clubs to carry? Moreover, do you know with certainty how far you hit each club in your current bag and under what situation you use each club? These are just a few of the many issues we will address and resolve during the Functional Gap Analysis and Set Composition stage of our fitting process.

We will also give special emphasis to the scoring or wedge segment of your set composition. General statistics show that 70% of golf shots occur from 120 yards and closer to the green (we call this area the "scoring zone"). Most amateur golfers, however, carry only one or two clubs for this distance. In contrast, these same golfers carry 10-11 clubs for distances greater than 120 yards. This is an example of a common set composition problem that causes players to lose critical strokes due simply to carrying the wrong clubs. We will educate you on the benefits of including more wedges and/or short irons in your set composition in order to increase your full-swing options and shot making ability in the critical scoring zone.

The following is a list of additional questions and/or issues that we will address as we analyze your yardage gaps and finalize your set composition:

  1. Do you find yourself making half and 3/4 swings with your current set composition because you are always "between clubs"?
  2. How far do you hit each club in your bag?
  3. Do you have a consistent yardage gap between each of your irons?
  4. What is the yardage gap between your strongest lofted iron and your weakest lofted fairway wood or hybrid?
  5. How many fairway woods and/or hybrids do you carry in your bag?
  6. How many clubs in your current bag do you hit from 120 yards and closer to the green?
  7. How many wedges do you carry in your golf bag?
  8. Do all of your shaft flexes match?
  9. Are the lengths and lie angles of your clubs correct?
  10. Are the lofts of your clubs correct?

All of these questions and many more will be answered during the Functional Gap Analysis and Set Composition phase of your clubfitting experience. While this valuable service is provided as a standard part of the RedTail Custom Fitting Process, it is also offered, FREE of Charge, as a Stand-alone service to any customer who visits RedTail.

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