Dynamic Fitting

After we have completed the Player Profile, the Pre-Fitting as well as your static fitting, we will next move into the dynamic phase of the RedTail Program. During the dynamic fitting we will analyze your golf swing and the corresponding ball flight to determine the following equipment specifications:

Our staff of RYG™ Certified Fitting Professionals will take you through a unique, interactive experience using the Trackman™ Golf Swing & Ball Flight Analysis System along with more traditional face tape and lie tape to confirm your final club specifications.

Moreover, we will perform your clubfitting utilizing complete ball flight. Our ability to view actual ball flight from tee-to-green (not a 10-foot distance into a net) allows us to more accurately analyze your game and ascertain the precise specifications for your equipment (Ask yourself how many tour professionals get fit into a net?). Ultimately, we are fitting you for where the ball is going not where you mark the tape and not where the ball goes for the first ten (10) feet. It is our philosophy that full ball flight is a critical element for any true custom fitting.

At the conclusion of your dynamic fitting session, you will be 100% confident in your club specifications. We Guarantee It!!!

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