Static Fitting

The next step of the RedTail Fitting Process is the Static Fitting. During this segment our Pros will compile your physical measurements including:

These physical measurements are then used to determine the RYG™ Effective Static Fit which is a guideline for the next step in the RedTail Fitting Process - The Dynamic Fitting. At this point, it is important to understand that physical measurements are but one (1) variable in the overall fitting equation. Golfers with similar physical measurements (static fit) regularly end-up with different club specifications. This happens because clubfitting is about matching equipment with a golfer's swing and not his or her static physical measurements. Two (2) players with the exact same physical make-up can have drastically different golf swings. Thus, we strongly believe that effective clubfitting focuses primarily on the dynamic component. We use the static fitting information only as a starting point for our dynamic fit as well as a resource to verify your final club specifications.

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The Static Fitting Virtual Tour

RedTail has developed proprietary software to capture and analyze your static fitting information. The Static Fit is a compilation of your physical measurements including:

Our Fitting Software evaluates your physical make-up and plots you on the RedTail Static Fit Chart and Grip Chart. The final static fit report then summarizes your physical measurements and determines your RYG™ Effective Static Fit. The RYG™ Effective Static Fit is a unique metric that establishes a starting point for the next phase of the fitting process (Dynamic Fitting) as well as provides a resource for confirming your final club specifications.

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