The RedTail Player Profile

The first step of the RedTail Fitting Process is a comprehensive Player Profile. During this initial stage we will evaluate your current game and identify your individual goals relative to golf. While we believe this process is an essential element of an accurate and effective clubfitting, it is widely ignored by most custom fitters. At RedTail we place a significant emphasis on the Player Profile. In order to facilitate this first step, RedTail developed a proprietary software application that allows us to thoroughly analyze all parts of your game and establish a foundation for determining the absolute best clubs for you! Come visit RedTail Golf Center and experience, first hand, our unique Player Profile and custom fitting program.

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The RedTail Player Profile

The RedTail Player Profile is a proprietary software application developed to evaluate a player's current game as well as their future goals and objectives relative to golf.

The Player Profile also contemplates your physical abilities in conjunction with your unique RYG™ Learning Factor to plot your position on the spectrum of custom fitting from compensation to enhancement. The final Player Profile Report summarizes every aspect of your game, and it is an essential element of an accurate and effective clubfitting. Despite the Player Profile being a critical step in the fitting process it is widely ignored and/or neglected by most clubfitters.

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